• 5 mm Machine Strapping

5 mm Polypropylene Strapping For Machines

 Polypropylene strapping 5 mm wide 7000 m long with a break strain of 65 Kg for use with semi and automatic strapping and banding machines, comes supplied on a cardboard core that will slip onto the strapping machines. All our high quality machine strapping will help to increase reliability on any strapping and banding machine. This machine banding or strapping machine strap as it is sometimes called has been proven many times over to offer effective tension control and also reduce jams as the strap travels around the strapping or banding machine arch. This product can be often called plastic machine strap but is made from polypropylene and is the only type of plastic strapping and banding that can be used on machines. The other strapping that can be purchased is hand strapping and banding and this will come on a plastic core and will not fit on any automated strapping and banding equipment.

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5 mm Machine Strapping

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