• TP-6000 Automatic Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Box And Parcel Strapping Machine

As an entry level automatic box banding and strapping machine makes perfect sense and also makes an ideal step up from the TP 201/202 semi automatic strapping and banding machines, being a fully automatic machine is is ideal for strapping higher volumes of boxes and parcels by simply placing the carton or box to be strapped under the arch. The machine can be activated by the foot pedal or by the micro switch that is on the bed of the strapping arch. The TP 6000 can strap and band with polypropylene banding in widths of 12 mm and 9 mm (9 mm needs a conversion kit and is available as an option) the machine comes pr set with 12 mm machine strapping. Depending on size of parcel or box that is being banded then the TP 6000 can achieve speeds of around 27 straps per min. We can supply in different arch sizes but this may lead to extended delivery times so please email us prior to order. The standard strapping arch size is W850mm x H600mm set to run 12 mm machine type strapping that come on a cardboard core. Made by Transpak who have been producing banding machinery for around 15 years with distributors in over 83 countries worldwide these automated strapping machines have proven themselves time and time again, Below are some points about the TP 600.

  • User friendly controls to set strap feed etc
  • Reliable mechanical tension control
  • Standard arch size of  850 mm wide x 600 mm high
  • 27 cycles per minute with standard arch product dependent 

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TP-6000 Automatic Strapping Machine

  • £2,994.00 inc. VAT

  • £2,495.00 Ex VAT

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