Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine That Requires No Electricity

The MSW mobile pallet wrapping machine is a fantastically simple yet ingenious way of wrapping pallets that need covering in stretch wrapping film. It can wrap pallets in the stretch film you would normally use for hand wrapping that are of an irregular shape and up to 2 m high. These full mobile wrapping machines will keep your health and safety people happy as the get rid of the need to bend and run around the pallet as you would normally have to do when manually wrapping a pallet with hand stretch wrap. These machines will also give a more consistent finish to the pallet and save on the amount of film that is dispensed and applied. The main advantages of these machines are that they require no power so are not constrained to one place like a standard pallet wrapping machine and they can operate in a small area meaning that pallets can be wrapped all around the warehouse.

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MSW Mobile Pallet Wrapper

  • £2,034.00 inc. VAT

  • £1,695.00 Ex VAT

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