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Hello and welcome to our new packaging machinery website where you will find some of  the most reliable packaging machinery of its type.  Our range includes shrink wrap machinery from Minipack-Torre and cardboard box shredders from Cushionpack. Both brands originate in Europe and offer the best quality and most reliable machines on the market. today.   Dan packaging machinery has evolved from Dan Packaging Ltd which was established in 2010 and if you are already a customer of ours you will know that we supply high quality packaging materials and machinery.   ..
Algorithms are not just for Google!
Everyday we here the word algorithm and wounder how they apply to you and me in everyday life, anybody involved with the internet will have heard about the google algorithm but it is amazing just where they are used. So what is an algorithm? well quite simply it is  set of instructions that allow arrival at a destination or required result . So now you may ask how can they possibly be relevant to my shrink wrapping  machine i hear you ask (Hopefully!).One issue with any type of sealing or heat shrink wrapping machine such as the Minipack Torre Media semi automatic shrink wrapping l s..
Innovation in shrink wrapping machines
Minipack Torre quite simply do it again! Way back in 1976, Mr Francesco Torre launched his first revolutionary packaging machine which we now know as the chamber shrink wrapping machine or the one step shrink wrapper as it is sometimes called. Since that day many companies have copied and tried to improve on the continued success of this machine.  Have they succeeded in this, well the easy answer in NO and the reason is that over the last 30 years no other company has pushed and innovated like Minipack Torre and successfully been granted many world wide patents.  I have bee..
Which is the best machine for me when it comes to shrink wrapping machinery Here is a guide to help you choose the best packing machine for you and your wrapping application.  How Can A Shrink Wrapping Machine enhance and also benefit my business?     Our packaging and wrapping machines come with many benefits and choosing correct machine for your application will save your company money as well as adding value to your products. There are many points to consider before buying your shrink wrapping machine, including the type and size of your product, the volume of shrink ..
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