Minipack Torre MVS 45 X/XP Chamber Vacuum Machine

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Vacuum Packaging Machine Ideal For Sous Vide

 The Minipack Torre MVS 45 X/XP is a compact stainless steel table-top vacuum packing machine it is very easy to keep clean, extremely simple to use and delivers consistent vac packed results. This is a great machine for even the smallest of commercial kitchens and makes for one of the most versatile small vacuum packing machines available. All XP models are equipped with the integrated label printer and a digital display with the ability to store 10 programmes to ensure the quality of the food once vacuumed sealed will be consistent time after time.

The Minipack Torre X-Series of chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for kitchens, retail farm shops and also food production operations. They are all engineered to produce a hygienic and user-friendly vacuum packaging operation. With such a wide range of chamber sizes, seal bar widths etc the X/XP range makes it easy to select a machine that will work for you and works within your commercial kitchen and catering organization. 

Chamber Width x Length x Height

466 x 405 x 226h

Number of Seal Bars (removable)


Position of Seal Bars


Seal Bar Length

450 mm

Hygienic Stainless Steel Chamber


Pop-Out Seal Bars


Power Supply


Pump Size

20 m/ch Busch

Programmable Sealing Time


Programmable Vacuum Time (%)


Extra Vacuum


Soft Air


Printer Option




Storable programs


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MVS 45 X/XP Chamber Vacuum Machine

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