Minipack Torre MVS 41 XP Vaccum Machine

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Vacuum Packaging Machine Ideal For Fish Vacuum Sealing 

 The Minipack Torre MVS 41  is a stainless steel table-top vacuum packing machine for the commercial kitchen that is designed to vacuum seal larger or longer food items such as a full fish etc.Having a seamless stainless steel vacuum chamber it is very easy to keep clean, extremely simple to use and delivers consistent vac packed results. This is a great machine for the larger commercial kitchens and makes for one of the most versatile medium sized vacuum pack machines available.

The Minipack Torre X and XP series of chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for kitchens, retail farm shops and also food production operations. They are all engineered to produce a hygienic and user-friendly vacuum packaging operation. With such a wide range of chamber sizes, seal bar widths etc the X/XP range makes it easy to select a machine that will work for you and works within your commercial kitchen and catering organization. 

Chamber Width x Length x Height

637 x 543 x 101h

Number of Seal Bars (removable)


Position of Seal Bars


Seal Bar Length

Front 626 mm Side 310 mm

Hygienic Stainless Steel Chamber


Pop-Out Seal Bars


Power Supply


Pump Size

20 m/ch Busch

Programmable Sealing Time


Programmable Vacuum Time (%)


Extra Vacuum


Soft Air




Storable programs


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MVS 41 Chamber Vacuum Machine

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