Minipack Torre Modular 50/70 Semi Automatic L Sealers.

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The Modular 50 and 70 semi automatic l sealing machine have been in production for nearly 20 years giving these packaging machines a proven history matched by no other. With innovative features such as water cooled sealing blade holders you can be assured these machine will stand the test of time and provide a reliable l sealing solution. With such diverse applications being served by these machines from fresh produce and bakery l sealing through to the printing and laundry industries the Modular 50 and 70 have proven themselves time and time again.

As the name suggests the Modular range fit perfectly with our heat shrink tunnels making product transfer between sealer and tunnel very steady and smooth making the ideal when shrink wrapping hard to handle collated packs and printed matter that may slip and slide around on other shrink wrapping machines. As with every machine we have in the range we offer full service and back up plus we can also arrange site visits to see if we can offer you advice on how to get the most from your Minipack Torre shrink wrapping machine.

Below are some of the points that apply to both the Modular 50 and Modular 70 L Sealing machines.

  • Teflon coated sealing blade with cooling
  • Power driven conveyor belt with adjustable feed time
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Seal Bar Size Modular 50 (540 mm x 400 mm) Modular 70 (840 mm x 600 mm)
  • Power Supply Modular 50 (415 v 16 amp) Modular 70 (415 v 16 amp)
  • Integrate with the Modular line of tunnels

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Modular 50/70

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