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Media Semi Automatic l Sealer And Shrink Tunnel

Media Semi Automatic l Sealer And Shrink Tunnel

Media Semi Automatic L Sealer And Heat Shrink Tunnel.  Yet another shrink ..

Modular 50/70

Modular 50/70

Minipack Torre Modular 50/70 Semi Automatic L now 01246 488 999 Th..

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Semi Automatic L Sealers For L Sealing And Shrink Wrapping With Shrink Wrapping Film Or Bakery Film

The Modular 50 is a well proven machine in the bakery and sandwich selling sectors

Minipack Torre have been producing bakery L Sealing  Machines for many years and have perfected them through knowledge and experience which has culminated in The Modular 50 and 70 Semi-Automatic LS ealer Machine. These machines have been for many years the machine of choice for many laundries and bakeries all over the UK. With their power take off and auto cycle function they can produce the speeds whilst providing the adaptability that these industries require. When a shrink pack is needed then as the name suggests these machine fit perfectly to the heat shrink tunnel range that we can supply and offer full service and spare parts for.

Being user friendly and very easy to maintain these l sealers pay for themselves time and time again making them the ideal choice for mid to high volume l sealing requirements. If you need more information or would like some help with your l sealing and shrink wrapping requirements then please feel free to contact on 01246 488 999.

Minipack Torre Semi-Automatic L Sealers and shrink wrapping machines very user friendly and offer superb reliability (we are still looking after machines over 10 years old). They give excellent and consistent results over a range of shrink films and give fantastic results on Darnel polyolefin shrink wrapping film as well as other leading brands.

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