Tunnel 50 Digit Heat Shrink Tunnel

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 Yet another great machine that has been in production for over 15 years so yet again well proven over a long period of time. The new tunnel 50 digits fit perfectly with the modular Semi Automatic L Sealers and can be used with the Automatic L Sealing range when the highest speeds are not required.The stainless steel version (TUNNEL 50 INOX) is perfect for food or pharmaceutical applications each and every heat shrink tunnel in the range is brought together by common features listed below. These heat tunnel are very efficient and with their insulated sides and directable airflow it means they can shrink most of the films available on the market today and work very well with Polyolefin shrink wrapping film. We have options on the belt that runs through the heat tunnel such as special belts to allow smaller products to be heat shrunk.

  • Manual adjustment of the conveyor belt height (This hooks up to the semi automatic L Sealers making adjustment easier)
  • Digital display with 9 program options
  • Selection of live or dead rollers possible
  • Auto cool down prevent conveyor damage
  • 415v  @ 7.2kw Tunnel Inlet 420 mm wide x 240 mm high

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Tunnel 50 Digit

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