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Another First In Chamber Shrink Wrapping Design By Minipack The All New Replay Evo Shrink Wrapping Machines Making These Chamber Shrink wrappers Even More Versitile

By far the most controllable and energy efficient chamber shrink wrapping machines on the UK market today. Nobody for 40 years has come close to matching Minipack Torre for innovation, quality and reliability in shrink wrapping equipment. Dan Packaging Machinery revolves around quality machinery and consumables and the new Replay Evo chamber machines yet again reinforces why Minipack Torre are world leaders and why we only supply their shrink wrapping machines.

The chamber type of shrink wrapper is often seen as an entry level shrink wrapping machine, and can be often over looked by people thinking that they need something faster and possibly even better for their application. With a machine such as this then great control can be had over the shrinking process and with advances made in heater design they are more than capable of using shrink wrappers to shrink some of the modern polyolefin shrink films available.As you can see we have a great range of shrink wrapping machines from basic table top and also machines that are able to cycle on their own and eject the shrink wrapped product via a conveyor belt allowing greater speeds to be achieved,whilst retaining the need for only one shrink wrap operative. We have also a stainless steel chamber shrink wrapping machines called the Minipack Synthesis that is ideal for food applications.We carry spare consumables and are able to offer full technical back up facilities for all the machines in the range, if you would like more information regarding our chamber shrink wrappers then please feel free to drop us a line here or call us direct on 01246 488 999

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