Cushion Pack Cardboard Shredders

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Cushion Pack cardboard box shredding machines will create a packaging void fill from your waste cardboard.
Our industrial cardboard shredder from us can save you money on packaging material
Free second-year return to base warranty with any Cushion Pack Cardboard shredding machine

 Cushion pack was formed back in 1995 by Jürgen Degen to produce cardboard converting and box shredding machinery for the packaging void fill market. His machines made under the Cushion Pack Brand will produce a very high quality packaging material from your waste cardboard boxes that can be used to protect products by filling the gaps and voids in the shipping boxes you use for sending to your customers. Being one of the first companies to offer these machines has kept cushion pack at the forefront of the cardboard box shredding machine industry and leads to them often being considered the benchmark machines when it comes to this type of waste cardboard shredder.

All the machines in the Cushion Pack or Packer cardboard box shredding machines as they are often called or referred to here in the UK will produce a very environmentally friendly packaging void fill material that can reduce your costs as well as being seen as the only green way to produce a void fill material from what is a waste product your old cardboard boxes. This prevents your waste boxes from having to enter the recycling chain which consumes energy and costs your company money.

It can be said that with their range of 3 phase and single phase cardboard shredders, that one of these packaging material producing cardboard box shredders will prove a wise investment for your business. To complement these box shredders then why not look at our semi automatic strapping machines or one of our top quality Minipack Torre shrink wrapping machines.

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