The revelation in shrink wrap machine design

This may sound like a strange title when applied to a small chamber shrink wrapping machine, but with the shrink wrapping machines in the Evo range from Minipack Torre we feel passionately that they have brought to the forefront again what an innovative company they are.  Many shrink wrapping machinery companies see the chamber style of shrink wrapping machine as a poor relation to the semi automatic l sealer and indeed the fully automated wrapping machines such as our Media and Pratika machines,  But no other machines of this type that will work with Polyolefin and  PVC shrink films can offer so many features. The Evo range offers quicker heating on start up of the main shrink wrapping heater which means less wasted time when the day starts, more efficient heaters save money throughout the machine's life; quicker fan stopping again saves money and makes the machines far more pleasant for the operators to use and again saves money on the running costs of your machine;  the variable speed fan on this machine range gives you ultimate control of the shrink wrapping process which is ideal when packaging light items.

Posted by Steve Holt

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