Innovation in shrink wrapping machines

Innovation in shrink wrapping machines

Minipack Torre quite simply do it again! Way back in 1976, Mr Francesco Torre launched his first revolutionary packaging machine which we now know as the chamber shrink wrapping machine or the one step shrink wrapper as it is sometimes called. Since that day many companies have copied and tried to improve on the continued success of this machine.  Have they succeeded in this, well the easy answer in NO and the reason is that over the last 30 years no other company has pushed and innovated like Minipack Torre and successfully been granted many world wide patents.  I have been involved in the shrink wrapping industry for over 25 years and can remember as an engineer being stood in the factory of a competitor of Minipack Torre as their engineering staff wheeled in a machine made by Minipack to investigate the revolutionary sealing bar cooling system on their latest shrink packaging machine!

So what makes the Evo range so good you may ask, quite simply quality design, quality components and years of research and development, variable fan speeds, quick stopping of the internal shrink fan,cooled sealing bars  and the list goes on. All these features can add up to 50% quicker shrink times, 60% heating period, 20% energy saving and increased productivity. At Dan Packaging we focus on 3 main brands Minipack Torre for Shrink Wrapping Machine, EVO Pac for pallet stretch wrapping equipment and Cushion Pack for our class leading cardboard shredders that produce an eco friendly material for void fill.

We love packaging machinery and Minipack Torre have given our sales team and engineers what we think are the best shrink wrapping machines of this type and if that sounds a little bold then let us prove to you how Minipack Torre and Dan Packaging can improve and transform your shrink wrapping operation.

Here is a quick run through the most popular chamber shrink wrapping machine range starting with the  Replay Evo. We supply the 40 and 55 models which have a speed control of the fan that is ideal for shrink wrapping lighter items and the quick stopping of the fan which not only saves heat loss but makes the operators environment a little more pleasant with no hot air being blasted into them at the end of each shrink wrapping cycle. The larger format chamber machine is called the RP85.  This range of shrink wrapping equipment is the most cost effective entry into the process of heat shrink packaging.

Next in the range come the FM Evo machine available in 75, 76 and 76A formats. These machines still share the distinctive colour of the original Minipack Torre FM machine and have all the advantages of the Replay Evo machine plus the waste re-winder that is an optional extra on the replay range.

At the head of this family of chamber shrink wrapping machines is the all encompassing FM76A Evo that harks back to it's heritage to give you the most advanced chamber one step shrink wrapping machine available in the world today. With control and automation by Schneider its hard to find a machine of this type that can pack approaching 650 pieces per hour.

To get the most from these class leading shrink wrapping machines, we recommend using one of our Darnel shrink wrapping films.  Polyolefin shrink film is the film of choise on these machines as it will keep your shrink wrapper in tip top form and give a stronger tighter shrink wrapped pack than PVC. You can view our range of shrink wrapping films here.

Posted by Steve Holt

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