How to buy a shrink wrapping machine

Which is the best machine for me when it comes to shrink wrapping machinery

Here is a guide to help you choose the best packing machine for you and your wrapping application. 

How Can A Shrink Wrapping Machine enhance and also benefit my business?    

Our packaging and wrapping machines come with many benefits and choosing correct machine for your application will save your company money as well as adding value to your products. There are many points to consider before buying your shrink wrapping machine, including the type and size of your product, the volume of shrink wrapping required (convert to quantity per minute or per day), labour availability, space and environment and power supply.  All of these points will determine which type of machine is best for your company.  This could be a manual Chamber Machine, semi-automatic L Sealer and Tunnel or a fully automated system. You will find a good selection of machines on our website, however a quick call to our sales team on 01246 488999 will give you all of the advice you need, plus we can recommend the best shrink wrapping film to use.

Here are just a few examples of our shrink wrapping and packaging machinery

Posted by Steve Holt

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