Algorithms are not just for Google!

Everyday we here the word algorithm and wounder how they apply to you and me in everyday life, anybody involved with the internet will have heard about the google algorithm but it is amazing just where they are used. So what is an algorithm? well quite simply it is  set of instructions that allow arrival at a destination or required result . So now you may ask how can they possibly be relevant to my shrink wrapping  machine i hear you ask (Hopefully!).One issue with any type of sealing or heat shrink wrapping machine such as the Minipack Torre Media semi automatic shrink wrapping l sealer or even the basic Repaly 55 evo chamber shrink wrap and any other manufacture facesis controlling the heat in the shrink wrapping blade that seals either the polyolefin or pvc shrink wrapping film. The faster the machine works the higher the latent heat builds up withing the blade. If they are teflon coated sealing blades like every blade in the Minipack Torre range then this latent heat can lead to the coating burning off. What this will do is make the pvc and polyolefin shrink wrapping films stick and burn through the tapes that protect the sealing rubbers.

Those clever people at Minipack Torre have built into all their impulse shrink wrapping machine sealer a clever little calculation or algorithm that takes speed heat and setting into consideration and turns down the applied power to the sealing blade of the machine. This of course makes the time between blade changes longer and also helps provide pack seal integrity, just one thing that makes Minipack stand out and just one reason why here at Dan Packaging we have dealt with Minipack machines for over 20 years.

Posted by Steve Holt

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