What makes a good cardboard shredding machine

As legislation tightens and companies become more and more aware of their social responsibility towards waste management, the use of a cardboard shredding machine to convert your waste cardboard into a usable packaging void fill material will become more popular. Like many machines, be it a shrink wrapping machine or fully automatic packaging machine, it is always important to consider what you need the machine to achieve for you.  This can be  reducing your waste cardboard box output, reducing your waste card board box disposal costs or creating a packaging void fill from an eco friendly source. The machines produce 2 different types of material, matt sheet or strip form and each requires a different machines configuration so you would have to choose the one of the other option that suits you. There are some examples of the different material types below.

By far the most popular cardboard shredding machine is the Cushion Pack CP range such as the CP316S2I / CP320S21 / CP420S2. The quickest cardboard shredder of the Cushion Pack range is the CP430S2 so if you are producing void fill at a high volume, this is the one for you.  All of the machines produce a certain amount of dust when the cardboard goes through the shredding process, however if dust would cause a problem within your working environment (for example printers), we can supply a dust extraction unit with the machine which helps to keep dust to a minimum.  All of the machines can take the dust extraction unit apart from the CP316S2I which is your basic entry level machine. 

The matt format these machine are the most popular and will produce flat matt material or with a simple operator adjustment will produce as scrunched up packaging material  This makes the machines from Cushion Pack the most versatile on the UK market today, that and their German quality and design give a truly outstanding cardboard box shredding machine. 

One boast by many box shredding machines companies is that their machine will happily take the staples often found in cardboard boxes, well so will the Cushion Pack machines but why would you want to put potentially sharp shards of staple or any other metallic object into your fresh eco friendly packaging void fill, which could potentially cause cuts to staff and customers.


Posted by Steve Holt

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