Walk Around Manual Pallet Stretch Wrap Machines

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MSW Mobile Pallet Wrapper

MSW Mobile Pallet Wrapper

Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine That Requires No ElectricityThe MSW mobile pallet..

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Walk Around Mobile Manual Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Mobile pallet wrapping machines are a great entry into pallet shrink and stretch wrapping as it is sometimes called. These machines will help reduce back related injury due to the dangers of bending in the wrong way when wrapping a pallet in the normal way by hand using stretch wrap film. Our mobile pallet wrappers need no electricity and can be moved around the factory so you don’t need to bring all your pallets to one place for them to be stretch wrapped. These fully mobile units will also save you money on expensive stretch film, give you a more consistent look to your wrapped pallets and help to make sure that any pallets you do stretch wrap are very secure and safe for transportation.

These manual pallet wrapping machines have to be the most cost effective and innovate pallets stretch wrapping machines on the market in the UK today, they will help you pack and wrap not only pallets but also oblong shaped loads such as machines etc. that are often loaded on over size pallets. We even have customers that stretch and pallet wrap industrial sized display fridges and freezers so you can see that really these are so much more that a walk around fully portable pallet wrapper they are in fact a stretch wrapping solution that can be applied to many areas.

These great value mobile pallet wrappers really do help get rid rid of the health and safety issues with walking around a pallet of goods whilst trying to secure with pallet stretch wrapping film.