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Cardboard box shredding machines are great for filling gaps in boxes with material made from cardboard boxes you throw away !

The Only Way You Can Make A Free Packaging Void Fill From Waste Cardboard Boxes Is With One Of Our Cardboard Box Shredding Machines From Cushion Pack often rebranded as a Packer, Optimax Or Ecopax Cardboard box Shredder. In today's world when costs have to be monitored and looked at all the time and when an awareness of the environment is often just as important, there is one area that your businesses can not only save money but also add value in the eyes of the environmentally aware consumer.

All of the previous sentences can be achieved with our range of Cardboard Box Shredding machinery that will produce a cardboard matting or cardboard strips or even cardboard confetti from waste cardboard boxes to fill the voids and gaps in boxes and protect your products once they leave the safe environment of your factory and warehouse. All our cardboard shredders are designed for producing a packaging void fill material from waste cardboard boxes has to be one of the most cost effective ways of protecting products, and will often have a payback time of under 12 months from the original purchase of the box shredding machine. We have a variety of shredding machines for the waste cardboard your produce as well as dust reduction units to help reduce any dust caused when shredding and also helping to keep the cardboard shredding area clean and tidy.

We have three phase waste cardboard box shredders made by CCushion Pack who have been making cardboard shredders for packaging material equipment in Germany for over 15 years, our single phase waste cardboard converters or shredders as they are sometimes called are again made by Cushion Pack. The units we supply for dust reduction are designed to keep things tidy and the shredded material dust free. When using our dust reduction units on a cardboard box shredding machine they help to produce a dust free and clean material be it a mesh or matt cut cardboard box shredder, a strip cut cardboard shredding machine or even one of the confetti cut machines we have in the range.

For easy of storage of the shredded material you can use one of our stand up bags we have on our general packaging website. Using a cardboard box shredding machine is a sure-fire way to reduce your packaging costs. We will soon have a new table top Eco-friendly cardboard shredding machine made by Cushion Pack in Germany at an unbeatable price The CP333NTI and this will be the best compact cardboard shredding solution available in the . Call us now on 01246 488 999 for our latest offers on all Cardboard Shredding Machine in our Cushion Pack range. To compliment your cardboard shredding machine in your packaging are why not consider one of our shrink wrapping machines be it a chamber shrink wrap machine or a semi-automatic l sealer and tunnel, and just to make the package complete we will even supply the pvc or polyolefin shrink wrapping film that is supplied center folded on a roll.