Shrink wrapping machines and films what are they

Here are some pointers that will help along the way to perfectly shrink wrapping you products.

 So you want to start shrink wrapping your products:

Shrink wrap film can be one of the options available to enhance protect and create value in products even if it is to distribute safely or display them on a shelf. Shrink wrap is also a way to hold a number of products together. You will often see new compact discs, reading books as well as consumer goods packaged in shrink film ready for sale. There are 3 types of shrink wrapping film most widely available in the uk they are Polyolefin shrink wrapping film, PVC Shrink wrap film and polythene shrink film with polythene being mainly used for transit packaging whilst the PVC and Polyolefin heat shrink wrap films.

Quite often the types of shrink wrapping films are driven by cost of machinery, foot print of machine and availability of electrical supply. With thought and experience we can provide shrink wrapping solution that will provide you with a cost effective method of shrink wrapping your product. That may be with one of our polyolefin shrink wrapping films and also with one of our innovative class leading shrink wrapping machines from Minipack Torre.

Why not call Dan Packaging on 01246 488 999 or if you after packaging related  items like mobile pallet wrappers, pallet strapping kits or even for smaller items like heat sealers, brown parcel tape and even cost saving Cardboard Shredders that produce packaging void fill then we will have the answer.

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