When you buy a pistol grip packaging tape dispenser on line it makes the application of self-adhesive tape much easier and helps to increase adhesion between the tape and box which you are trying to wrap or seal, it also makes sealing a box lid closed using packing tape far easier as well as much quicker. 

Packing tape dispensers now come in many sizes and it is important that the one that you buy online is going to work with the core size that your box sealing tape uses. The core of any packing tape is the diameter of the hole that runs through the middle of the tape roll. As an example, a standard roll of packaging tape has a 70mm core so the dispenser you would use for that could be found here and are often referred to as a standard packaging or polypropylene pistol grip tape dispensers these rolls of brown clear or printed packaging tape have 66m on them and can be hot melt, acrylic or solvent type adhesive tapes.

More recently the trend has been to reduce the inner core size which then allows more tape to be wound onto the roll this decreases roll changes saving time this also means that for ever box of packing tape you have it takes up far less valuable storage space in you packaging warehouse or at your packing station. One of the leading brands it Bonus tape by Syrom in Italy and with over 200m of buff or even clear packing tape on each roll it has been a favourite well respected brand of packing tape. You can dispense Bonus tape with standard pistol grip dispenser or with the innovative silent bonus tape gun which will reduce noise as the tape is applied securely to the box you are sealing. As always pay careful attention to the inner core size of both your packing tape and also your packing tape dispenser as not all brands work with every tape. If you are in any doubt, then why not contact us at Get Me Packaging and we will try our best to help and supply you with any packaging materials and machinery you require.

Posted by Steve Holt