How to choose the right cardboard shredding machine

How to choose the right cardboard shredding machine

When you use lots of packaging void fill you are basically sending profit through your door because many times the cost of packaging void fill is often overlooked ! so in effect you can be sending your profit through the door without even knowing it !. Below are just some of the things that are required when you make the choice of which a cardboard box shredding machine will produce that amount of packaging void fill you need. All our cardboard shredders come with full warranty and are available ex stock, We decide to sell the Cushion pack or Packer box shredding machines because they have been proven over many years in the uk market, we also have the ability to repair any machine we sell in our own workshop in Chesterfield. The Cushion pack cardboard box shredding machines are often marketed under different brand such as Optimax, Packer and Ecopax.

What power supply do I need ?:

In our range of shredders for packaging void fill the power supply needed ranges from 13 am single phase shredders right through to heavier more industrial shredders that need a 3 phase 16 amp electricity supply.

What type of material do I want to produce?: 

We have cardboard shredders by cushion pack and packer that produce matting this is by far the most popular material for void fill, also our packaging machines can be supplied to make 4 mm strip, this is the least popular packaging material that is required. 

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Posted by Steve Holt