Heat Sealing Machines

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Manual And Semi Automatic Heat Sealing Machines For Polythene Bag Sealing Table Top Machines. Reliable And Easy To Use Poly Bag Sealing Machines

When it comes to a reliable heat sealing machine for the bench top there are many options to choose from. At the entry level of heat sealing there is a vast array of sealer's available with or without cutters in widths from 200 mm long seal bars up to 500 mm long anything longer than this may require a step up to a semi automatic heat sealing machine or device.

Dan Packaging have been supplying heat sealer's and packaging in the UK for many years and we have a large selection of high quality bag heat sealer's to suit your needs. From industrial heat sealer's, table top heat sealer's with and without cutters to hand held heat sealer's for smaller poly bags. A heat sealer or bag sealer is used to make a seal on polythene material such as lay flat tube and poly bags. These sealer's are ideal for use on plastic tubing as they seal the edges, ensuring that it protects the contents inside.

Most of our heat sealer's are what is called an impulse heat seal, this means that the sealing wire or band is only warm when the machine is being asked to make a seal. We have all the heat sealer spares that may be needed to keep your machine in tip top form and supplying you with strong and reliable seals on your polythene bags or lay flat tube.